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It don’t do winner of 2 hands it does winner upto 500. this would be a really good game but the creators can not get the kinks worded out i have been playing for a while and have gotten so flustrated that i have uninstalled it. and the real bad part is they dont reinburse you for the coins that gets taken because the freezes or just completely shut down. And it happens often still waiting on and anwer to my email from 4 mts ago. I think after these coins are gone so will the game. It’s better than any Spades game I’ve ever played online; however I do feel like that there’s a computer ringer in the game and the dealer is not arbitrary. That’s the way they keep you spending your money.

I LIVE THIS GAME. I Tried your way and its slower then ever. Card goes out pause 3 sec another card goes out. I down loaded another spades and its way faster and more competitive.

A license grants you the right to have 1 copy of Greedy rezzed and in use at any given time, on any compatible rezzer, at any location. If you wish to play Greedy at another location, you can shut down the running version of Greedy and then run it at another location. Since the license transfers in this case, all scores, addons, settings, and other features of the previous game transfer sg slot with it. If you bid BLIND NIL, then you must not catch ANY tricks for the entire round. If you do not catch any tricks, your team gains 200 points. If you catch even a single trick, your team loses 200 points on a NIL bid. BLIND NIL bids must be made before the cards are dealt at the beginning of the round, so you do not know what your hand will look like before you bid.

If you think you have a gambling problem please don’t play the game. Looking for an option to talk to customer service. I loved this app but have been robbed of all my coins when the screen froze during the initial bidding process! Still two stars instead of one because the game is awesome and I am merely expressing my grievance here because I couldn’t find a place in app to do so. I would rate this 5stars if they raked even 5% out of the prize pool but they take 12%. Quick math to increase your coins and climb up the stakes you have to win 60% of your games. Once you pass ruby, this is simply impossible.

Spade Games Developers

Engineering Games, but they do not include a license for all games! You only have licenses that you have purchased from the K. R.

This is an EXTREMELY risky bid, but with tremendous payoff if it works. The winner of the trick is the person who played the highest card that follows suit if no Spades are played, or the highest trump card if one or more Spades are played. Engineering game rezzer system that you purchase from our store. There are many styles to choose from and more added on a regular basis! The game comes with a standard table to play on, but you can purchase other rezzer systems to use as well.

One of the daily missions is this, if you win 8, 000 coins you will win 300 coins as a ‘prize’ LOLOL! And almost all of the so called ‘prizes’ are like that! I actually won a book that i liiterally did not win to make me go over. Because it’s rigged they will take all of your spades so you can’t cut with them especially when you only have one card of a book. Play for fun and not for wins because you won’t. Fun game but it bombards you with offer pop ups all the time, even between games shortly after making a purchase.